Small Business Specialists

WE don't run your business - we help you run it better.

Managing a business can be hard - so we've made getting advice easy.   Like your virtual business partner, at Jericho we blend practical, time-tested advice with innovative solutions and world-class support.  Our clients look to us to grow and optimize their companies, tackle book keeping and accounting, connect to capital, to spot and solve problems, and to be an objective voice when discussing their future.  


From simple solutions to advanced accounting

Every client has distinct needs, and whether you're a solo entrepreneur, a startup, or an established company, it's our goal first to understand your business, and then to recommend strategies and solutions to reach your goals.  

At Jericho, we blend together consulting and accounting in a way that is relevant and actionable for you and your business.  Developed over decades of hands-on work with hundreds of clients, our process is designed to create the maximum impact on your company while being mindful of your time - and we do it all at prices that won't break the bank.

Utilizing the latest and greatest of technology, we also make it easy for you to operate and integrate software and SaaS solutions like QuickBooks, Xero, and Freshbooks, as well as payment processing, payroll, and reporting.  It's financial tech for humans.

Businesses with unique needs often hire Jericho to uncover solutions to complex concerns, and to provide guidance for the road ahead.  Maybe you are growing quickly, or are interested in expanding into uncharted territory.  Through our business strategy sessions,  we will objectively assess your needs, provide perspective on your changing business model, and will recommend next steps to enable you to achieve your goals.

For established businesses with books that are taking up too much of their time, or for new companies that want to set up their books in the right way the first time, Jericho has plans to suit any budget.  Whether you need in-depth accounting or straightforward reconciliation, our team of specialists has years of experience in putting numbers into action, and aligning your business with the bottom line.

As the experts say, business is a "contact sport" - and we know how to play it well.  Designing sales strategies for local, regional, and national exposure we can help you effectively tap into existing customers, new markets, and even remarket old items in new ways.   We have designed direct to customer web campaigns, created better data mining processes, and have consistently applied decades of best practices to small businesses.

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Formed in 2011, the team at Jericho, Inc. brings a no-nonsense approach to business management, accounting, book keeping, and growth strategies for clients of all sizes throughout the Southeast.

 And like you, we are unique people with diverse experience.

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